ORIBI id-solutions optimizes business processes based on identity documents. With the id-solutions that ORIBI offers, organizations are able to process and check citizens, customers, employees or visitors in an efficient manner. The data on the identity document is retrieved and the document is automatically authenticated, within seconds. The id-solution reads and checks all identity documents, such as passports, identity cards and driver’s licenses, worldwide.

Integrating Id-visitor with AEOS

The integration of id-visitor in AEOS allows you to process the information that is automatically read from the identity document. You can fill in the visitor’s badge number and when applicable additional information such as licence plate and the employer of the visitor. All relevant information is automatically stored in AEOS and the badge is activated automatically.

The identity document is automatically authenticated during the registration process. In fewer seconds than typing the visitor’s name, the identity document is authenticated and the personal information is read by id-visitor.

You know your visitor and the registration time is shortened.

  • Visitor identification
    Id-visitor automatically checks the authenticity of the visitor’s identity document. You know who enters your facilities.
  • Process acceleration.
    Id-visitor automatically reads the information from the identity document. You get all relevant information in less time than it takes to type the information without spelling errors.
  • Process optimization
    You can use one user interface to identify the visitor, add information and activate the visitor badge.
  • PC or network
    You can use id-visitor on your PC or in a (thin client) network. Regardless of your infrastructure, you are prepared for id-visitor.
Solution name Id-visitor
Compatible with AEOS version 3.2.2 and up
Solution availability Worldwide
Product languages English, Dutch, German,
Id-visitor screenshot

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