AEOS & PSIM integrations

Data from the AEOS system can be easily transferred, displayed and managed in the world’s leading PSIM Systems. Incorporating these systems allows for an increase of global situational awareness, central command and control, and management reporting.

About CNL

We believe in a connected world, where security and life safety are not compromised by silos of information that cannot talk to each other. We believe that technology should take the complexity out of decision making by integrating systems, people and processes.

We work with the world’s leading manufacturers in their respective technologies to create a security integration and hardening platform that automates routine functions and provides operators with step by step guidance to manage complex processes. For the past 15 years, we have been perfecting this PSIM platform, IPSecurityCenter™, and today it is the world’s most sophisticated, tried and trusted PSIM platform

About the integration

The integration with AEOS allows end users to use access control data to support incident management, along with intelligence from other connected systems, such as video, perimeter protection systems, mapping systems and many more systems, devices and sensors.

  • Reduced security costs and improved performance through the automation of routine tasks
  • Automatic prioritization of incidents based on risk, maximizing the use of security personnel
  • Global view of all assets, helping to deal with system healthcare and maintenance SLAs
  • Faster, smarter and safer evacuation of buildings in the event of a security or life safety incident
Solution name IPSecurityCenter PSIM
Compatible with AEOS version 3.1.5 and up
Solution availability Worldwide
Product languages Arabic, English, Spanish

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