AEOS & Wireless locks integrations

Every building has different zones, each with its own security requirements. From a security perspective, it’s essential to manage all access rights in one single system. AEOS has been designed to handle all types of third-party locks, including offline, online, wired, and wireless locks.



As one of the leading suppliers of door opening solutions, ASSA ABLOY provides mechanical and electromechanical locks, digital door locks, and smart access sowlutions. They also offer high-security doors, fire doors, and high-performance hardware.

Formed in 1994, the ASSA ABLOY Group has grown to now cover more than 70 countries around the world, with a global workforce of 52,000.


About Aperio

Aperio wireless devices can be seamlessly integrated to extend the reach of your AEOS access control system. Because they operate wire-free, battery-powered Aperio devices are fast and cost-effective to install—saving you money in operating and maintenance costs.

The Aperio product range includes battery-powered cylinders, escutcheons, and complete locks for security doors. The award-winning Aperio handle packs powerful access control functionality into a slimline door handle.

Aperio devices also include battery-powered locks for cabinets/lockers and server racks.


Integrating Aperio with AEOS

The integration between ASSA ABLOY Aperio wireless lock technology and AEOS access control provides you with the flexibility to add access control features to almost every opening in any environment.

Using the powerful AEOS Blue door controller, Aperio battery-powered locks communicate with AEOS to create a fully integrated and managed access control solution. As a result, security and facility managers now have greater control, can easily respond to organisational changes, and only need to monitor one single security system (AEOS).

The Nedap integration now supports the full Aperio® product range allowing online and offline security to be delivered by utilising the escutcheon (E100), handle (H100), cylinder (C100), security lock (L100 Online/ L100 Offline), and server lock (KS100). Online integrations can be tailored to use different interfaces (RS485 / IP) via Aperio® communication hubs AH30 and AH40, allowing control of up to 64 locks per hub. Offline security follows the OSS Standard for offline access control. Nedap seamlessly combines both online and offline security options to allow you to tailor the system security to the site requirements.

AEOS – Aperio Flyer

  • Use both wired and wireless locks and manage them in one security platform
  • In AEOS, the same authorisation schemes are used for wired and wireless doors
  • No cables needed for Aperio doors
  • Offline security follows the OSS Standard
  • Remote opening, two-man rule, door status, battery status monitoring are implemented
Solution name Aperio® Wireless Locking technology
Compatible with APERIO 3.2.0 onwards
Solution availability Europe, Middle-East
Product languages All languages


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