AEOS & Wireless locks integrations

Every building has different zones, each with its security requirements. From the security perspective, it is essential to handle all access rights in one single system.
AEOS has been designed to handle all types of thirdparty locks. Including offline, online, wired, and wireless ones.

About Uhlmann & Zacher

Since 1996, Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH has successfully developed, produced and distributed electronic locking systems. Under the brands Clex prime and Clex private two product lines are offered: Clex prime is the solution for larger objects such as industrial buildings, hospitals, public authorities, schools or universities. Clex private, on the other hand, is designed for private homes, doctor’s surgeries, law firms, offices and similar smaller objects. Clex public is intended for partners who want to integrate Uhlmann & Zacher Clex locking units into their systems. It helps the partners in creating customised solutions. The integration with Nedap AEOS is based on Clex public. More than 500,000 electronic locking units “made by U&Z” are reliably in use. Uhlmann & Zacher is one of the most advanced providers of electronic locking systems in Germany.

Integrating Clex online public with AEOS

The integration of Uhlmann & Zacher with AEOS is based on Clex public. It can be used via OSS Standard Offline or online via UZ Reader Protocol. In this case, the solution is integrated into AEOS Software via radio. With the Clex public online UZ Reader Protocol, doors can be integrated into AEOS in a most effective manner. The user holds the ID in front of a knob module. The knob module reads the ID number, sends it to the online module, which in turn passes this information via the interface to AEOS. If it recognises the ID, the cylinder engages.

  • Online via radio connected by RS485 or LAN
  • Electronic knob module can be configured for different door solutions with Euro profile Swiss Round or Scandinavian Oval
  • Electronic door handle
  • Electronic cabinet locks
Solution name Clex online public
Compatible with AEOS version 3.4 or higher
Solution availability Europe, Middle East

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