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AET Europe is a global leader in the area of digital security solutions. Founded in 1998, we are specialized in creating secure solutions in identification, authentication, digital signing, consent and management of credentials.
Our software solutions of SafeSign Identity Client, BlueX eID Management and ConsentID Identity Provider are used in Government, Healthcare, Finance and Enterprises. With our strong network of global partners, we have deployed more than 25 million SafeSign active licenses. Together with them, we enable our customers in more than 180 countries to deliver secure digital services for millions of citizens, patients, users and (mobile) devices.

Integrating BlueX eID with AEOS

For a long time, physical- and digital access have been different worlds.
With an increasing number of connected devices, bridges between these worlds are made. Criminals know where to find these bridges, exploit them and use cyber-attacks to compromise physical security.
A solid physical access system needs to have cyber-protection. That is what the End to End High Secure solution is about. Merging best practices from the physical- and the digital access worlds, the End to End High Secure solution sets the highest security standard in today’s market and provides high levels of protection against both physical and digital attacks.

  • Secure storage of keys
    Keys are stored on a Secure Access Module (SAM) within the door controller
  • Strong authentication
    Controllers cannot be replaced by manipulated versions. Impossible to connect alien devices to the network that send commands to the door controllers.
  • Secure communication
    Secure communication between card and controller is guaranteed (as well as internal components)
  • Centralized and Secure Key Management
    Key updates from one central point (so instant recovery from key compromise), with multiple generations of keys. No need to manually change every door controller when updating or replacing key material.
Solution name End to End High Secure
Compatible with 3.2.1 and higher
Solution availability Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America
Product languages English, Dutch

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