About SGSE

We are a distributor focused on the commercialization of products & services to create global electronic security solutions around the main world manufacturers in the security sector. The development of our activity revolves around a human team with extensive experience in the electronic security market, always building value-added proposals for the installer and integrator.

To be a distributor of products and services focused on the analysis and risk management of security installations through installers and integrators, customizing technological proposals based on customer needs through custom developments by SGSE.

About the integration

This solution consists of a web server that allows to monitor and interact with Aeos software included in the solution, from the user interface and the working environment of the Aeos platform® of NEDAP.
The WBT application is designed specifically to provide the enrolment procedure from Aeos software to UNV’s OET terminals (Face recognition, Contactless, mask & Temperature) . It’s the bridge between Aeos system and OET Biometric devices from UNV.

In this way, the enrolment of a person begin in the AEOS system and ending in the OET devices, the software send the relevant data (card id, face,…) to OET terminals to permit the interaction between two systems AEOS-UNV creating a unique environment system.

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  • Enrollment Biometrics Identifiers
    Fill in the user data in the AEOS management interface, complete the registration process by adding the biometric data, providing an access linking AEOS and the UNV readers.
  • Safety
    All software communications are over a cryptographic protocol “TLS” that provides end-to-end security of data sent between applications. It is mostly familiar to users through its use in secure web browsing.
  •  New AOES component
    The provided solution “WBT” is included as part of AEOS, working as one more component within the user interface.
  •  Net Core technology
    cross-platform compatibility, and more robust scalability.
Solution name SGSE-WBT
Compatible partner products AEOS version 2020.1.1 or higher
Supported regions Eastern-Europe, Northern-Europe, Southern-Europe, Western-Europe, Australia, New Zealand & North-America
Product languages English, Italian & Spanish

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