AEOS & document scanners integrations

AEOS offers the option to connect a multitude of document scanners to your system. This allows you to find the perfect solution, regardless of which vertical market you are operating in.


For more than 26 years, DESKO has been developing hardware solutions for data capture from ID documents and more. The product portfolio comprises full-page scanners, keyboards and swipe readers which provide reliable support in numerous fields of application. DESKO products are sold to more than 100 countries worldwide. Around 275.000 devices support people in their daily work in public authorities, security companies, banks, hotels or at the airport. The headquarters are in Bayreuth, Germany, with subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, France, India and Mexico.

DESKO & AEOS integration

The integration between AEOS and DESKO´s document scanner PENTA Scanner® and the swipe reader IDenty chrom® allows for the automated capture of the machine-readable zone (MRZ) data of any ID or passport document within milliseconds. Time-consuming manual data entry is not necessary anymore which reduces typing errors and accelerates workflows increasingly.

  • Automated data capture
    Personal information from the MRZ (name, surname, document type and number, age etc.) is captured automatically.
  • Accelerated workflows
    All MRZ information is read within milliseconds thus accelerating workflows significantly.
  • High security
    Typing mistakes resulting from manual typing are avoided. Annoying and time-consuming corrections are no longer necessary.
Solution name Penta Scanner
Solution availability Worldwide
Product languages English


Solution name IDenty Chrom
Solution availability Worldwide
Product languages English

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