About iCognize

ICOGNIZE GmbH offers innovative biometric solutions in the field of physical and logical access control. Our focus is on palm vein recognition devices, which we sell under the brand name “ManuScan”. Our palm vein recognition devices utilise Fujitsu PalmSecure technology (BSI certified), are all-weather compatible and equipped with a unique light-based hand positioning system. Our palm vein recognition devices ensure the highest level of security and unsurpassed user-friendliness in the entire spectrum of biometric access control!

About the integration

Integrating Plexus Management Software with AEOS

The integration between AEOS and iCOGNIZE Plexus Management Software allows you to use iCOGNIZE palm-vein scanners like normal card readers. In fact you have the highest security level by using the unique feature of your hands palm-vein to access the sensitive areas in your company, with no impact of your exsisting infrastructure, access rights administration or logging.

  • Biometric Door Access
    Add a higher security level to your key safety areas.
  • Control
    All the logging, documentation and administration for authorisations is done in AEOS. (enrolment is done within iCognize)
  • Customizable
    Identification only with your hand or verification with hand and Rfid card. Up to 3-factor- authentification in one device as small as an light switch.
Solution name Plexus Management Software
Compatible with AEOS version 3.4
Solution availability Worldwide
Product languages English, German, other languages on request

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