AEOS & Wireless locks integrations

Every building has different zones, each with its security requirements. From the security perspective, it is essential to handle all access rights in one single system.
AEOS has been designed to handle all types of thirdparty locks. Including offline, online, wired, and wireless ones.

About Simons-Voss

Over 20 years ago, we paved the way with a revolutionary idea of wireless digital locking technology.

We are continually innovating and evolving in the development of our security product portfolio.

We are at the heart beat of our customers, partners and employees, with an un-equalled desire for the technology needed to continue our vision of a keyless world.

Integrating SmartIntego with AEOS

Customers are now able to operate and manage SimonsVoss SmartIntego locking systems through protocol-based integration via the AEOS platform, with web-based user interface.

Reducing complexity:

One integrated solution; the complexity of managing multiple platforms and databases is eliminated.

User friendliness:

The user can continue to work on the user interface he/she is already accustomed to, without need to install additional software.
Through the wireless installation of the SmartIntego products (such as digital locking cylinders or SmartHandle) you will reduce the costs associated to unnecessary reconstruction.

  • State of the art
    Integration of electronic instead of mechanical access control in existing building systems based on flexible interfaces, high-performance protocols and open system design.
  • Simple, cable-free installation
    Cables do not need to be installed or connected. Standard button cell batteries ensure that cylinders and SmartHandles do not depend on an external power supply.
  • Extremely long battery life
    In wireless online mode, the battery cells can manage up to 80,000 activations, while the average battery life in standby mode is five years.
  • Maximum security
    Events logged to record which users have gained access to a particular place at specific times. Lost ID media instantly blocked and unauthorised key copying eliminated (3D printing).
  • Low costs for administration and training
    Intuitive operation using existing software ensures that the time and expense for administration and training are kept to a minimum.
Solution name SmartIntego Wireless Online
Compatible with AEOS version 3.1.3 and higher
Solution availability Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Africa, Middle East
Product languages English, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Swedish

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