AEOS & Video Management Systems integrations

AEOS can integrate with video management systems (VMS). This integration enables you to enrich the visual evidence provided by the VMS with access control information from AEOS in a single client user interface.

About Milestone

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software; technology that helps the world see how to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency. Milestone en-ables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology, with reliable and scalable solutions that are proven in more than 150,000 sites worldwide. Founded in 1998, Milestone is a stand-alone company in theCanon Group.

Integrating XProtect with AEOS

The integration between Nedap’s AEOS and Milestone XProtect® Access plug-in allows customers to enjoy the features of an advanced access control system in the Milestone video management software (VMS) environment. This enables them to exchange cardholder information, monitor entrances, manage alarms, and perform full video verification. The standard display of card holder information such as name, department, or pictures, as well as controls like door lock and unlock, will help to optimize work processes, improve control over your premises, and increase the security level.

With the extended Intrusion plugin, customers can also monitor and control intrusion areas and alarms. Making your security people more and more in control.

  • AEOS provide its users with a high security Access Control system with an unlimited number of doors and users
  • Allows customers to harness the power of AEOS Access Control and its rich functionalities via their current Milestone VMS platform, namely the XProtect® Smart Client
  • Provides cardholder data (such as names, photos, card number, etc.) from AEOS to the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client
  • Control, monitor and open doors via AEOS Access Control in the XProtect® Smart Client
  • Control, monitor and handle AEOS Intrusion alarms.
Solution name AEOS Plugin of Milestone XProtect
Compatible with AEOS version 3.2.2 and higher, XProtect 2014 and higher
Solution availability Worldwide
Product languages Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Yue), Chinese (Wu), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

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