About Peripass

Peripass is known for its expertise in Yard Management for Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Logistics and Retail.

Peripass is active in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany and works for companies such as Bridgestone, Danone, H.Essers and Stow Storage Solutions. Peripass is a cloud-based SAAS+ platform and has a clear mission with strong international ambitions. Peripass makes it possible to map out processes, digitize and optimize them, thanks to the logistical expertise we have acquired in various sectors. Where Peripass is already in use, companies are seeing a lasting positive impact in several areas: more visibility, increased security and improved efficiency.

As a result, one thing that all our current projects have in common is a significant reduction in costs.

About the integration

Peripass is configurable and can automate any logistics process. Thanks to the API connection you can link effortlessly and safely with AEOS.
Access control systems allow you to grant or withhold access to your logistics site to visitors in a structured and automated way.

  • Simplify access control
    Simplify and digitize visitor access management for truck drivers, visitors and contractors. Define your own compliancy rules per visitor type and automatically generate pin codes or activate access badges.
  • Self-service multilingual reception
    The Self Service Kiosk allows drivers and other visitors to register in their own language. Collect all necessary data for identification during the registration process and inform visitors about procedures and safety rules. After registration, all further communication continues via SMS.
  • Digital Twin creates real-time visibility
    Peripass offers a digital twin of the logistics site. Via the access control system, you know when someone has entered or left. With the complementary data of each transport or visitor, you create total visibility of your site, assets and visitors.
  • Configurability
    Peripass is fully configurable and integrates seamlessly with a broad selection of hardware and software applications. Thanks to the API you can effortlessly and safely link to AEOS and other data sources. This results into a smooth exchange of real-time updates between different applications.
Solution name Peripass
Compatible partner products AEOS v2019, AEOS v3.3 & 3.4 or higher
Supported regions Eastern-Europe, Northern-Europe, Southern-Europe & Western-Europe
Product languages English, Dutch, French, German

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