With a series of unconnected, older security systems, NMBS faces several challenges – from limited integration potential to vendor lock-in. Let’s look at how AEOS access control can overcome these obstacles and bring a host of valuable benefits.


One unified system

Security systems that aren’t integrated create lots of manual work. Changing authorisations, for example, has to be handled individually in each system. Which not only costs time but leaves room for errors that increase risk.

As AEOS has open architecture, it integrates easily with other systems and across settings. So you can have one unified, easy-to-manage security system protecting all of your locations.


No vendor lock-in

Manufacturers installing their own system are usually reluctant to integrate it with competing systems. You’re then locked into that supplier and, as a result, maintenance and repair costs tend to be higher.

We have an extensive network of channel partners certified to sell, install and maintain AEOS. Every major Belgian integrator that’s not a manufacturer themselves is our channel partner, giving you the freedom to choose.

Always up to date

Outdated systems limit your opportunities to increase security, add new functionality, improve convenience and integrate with other systems.

We’re continually developing AEOS to ensure it’s always improving and remains up to date in terms of its user interface, IT security and integration potential.


Convenient & highly secure

In some respects, older systems may be very user friendly – but this often comes at a cost in terms of security. Outdated badges, readers and controllers make for a system that’s unsafe at every level.

AEOS is very user-friendly for those using and managing it, and it comes with a range of features such as security levels, rule engine and role-based access control. So you can adapt your security to your specific needs at each location.


Cost-efficient updates & changes

Security systems based around hardware are often expensive to extend and update and the process can be very disruptive.

With AEOS, your investment is largely in software. Updates, changes and extensions to your system are straightforward and cost-effective. Your hardware can usually be reused. And if you stop using a building, for example, your AEOS licence can simply be applied to other buildings.


AEOS – a proven choice for public transport settings

We’ve been working in public transport since 1998 and AEOS protects a variety of high-profile locations in this sector.


How AEOS overcomes access control challenges for the public transport sector

Read our case study for a more in-depth look at the specific security challenges public transport organisations face, particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic. And see how AEOS overcomes them and offers added value too.


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