The facts and figures

About Colmore Row – the tallest office building in Birmingham

Sitting head and shoulders above the Colmore Business District, 103 Colmore Row is an architectural tour de force. It’s the tallest office building in Birmingham, with 230,084 sqaure feet of office space. Its 26 floors are topped off by a lantern restaurant. At ground level, your staff, clients and visitors will enter via a covered Winter Garden four storeys high. The main reception area is on a similar scale – but designed to be welcoming rather than simply imposing. Upon arrival, the main foyer provides an easy and convenient transition into two informal business lounges that will buzz with people all day long.


150+ online doors


100+ identifiers


Elevator integration


Open platform for future integrations

Destination control for passenger lifts

The Solution

An enterprise access control solution capable of landlord and tenant separation. Scalable solution with the flexibility of multiple companies using AEOS in different ways. The Kone Integration was also key for lift management. The project has started with AEOS as the base build and continues to grow as companies lease floor space.

  • A base build solution with additional roll-out capability
  • An open platform for future integrations
  • Existing relationships with companies delivering the project
It's great that AEOS is securing skyline projects in the fastest growing city in the UK. Integrations played a vital role in achieving the operational and security requirements for this project.

Oliver Lacey PSP Client manager at Nedap Security Management