The facts and figures

About Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer)

Abu Dhabi Oil Refining company (known as Takreer) is part of ADNOC and was established in 1999 to take over the responsibility of oil refining in the UAE. Takreer has a prominent place in the oil refining industry, both regionally and internationally, and has contributed to the rapid growth of the UAE economy.


Nedap customer since 2006


500+ online doors


20.000+ identifiers


6 locations

Key objective

A secure, reliable access control system

  • Headcount functionality for assembly points.
  • Driver and vehicle identification for high-security facilities.
  • Ease of handling large numbers of transactions.
  • Performs well in hazardous environments.

The solution

Centralised and integrated for greater control

  • One access control system for multiple locations.
  • Integrated biometric identification.
  • Driver and vehicle control at all locations.
  • Integrated headcount system.
  • Integration with the HR management system.