Facts & figures

Antwerp Port Authority

5,125 identifiers

3000 access cards

479 online doors

The challenge

Keeping access under control

The Antwerp Port Authority is responsible for Belgium’s biggest seaport. Anything that affects logistics there can have a serious economic impact, so strong security is crucial. With 47 building complexes under the port’s management, it also needed a streamlined system with limited key management.


What they did

An ever-growing AEOS system

The authority started using AEOS at a small building at the port in 2005 and has since expanded its AEOS system dramatically. AEOS now protects most of the authority’s buildings, including data centres, technical buildings, lock complexes and drawbridges. Most recently, AEOS was installed at the new Havenhuis building. Around 500 port employees work there and it’s a central meeting point for visitors.

Key benefits

Easy to expand & manage

  • Allocating and managing access rights is very straightforward.
  • Regular access reports enable irregularities to be identified quickly.
  • A much-simplified key plan saves time and money.
  • The system can be expanded and adapted quickly and easily.
  • AEOS runs on a virtual server and platform, so security is high and data is safe.
  • Other access products like Alfapass and SENSIT are compatible with AEOS.


“Security is evidently crucial to a global port. A large portion of the built complexes has already been outfitted with the AEOS access control system. We decided to expand the Nedap-services to the Havenhuis and to combine different Nedap systems at this location. For example, with SENSIT, drivers are informed about real-time availability of parking spaces and are guided to free spaces.”

Network Engineer the Port of Antwerp

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Antwerp Port Authority
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