The facts and figures

About Bank Aljazira

Saudi Arabian financial group, Bank Aljazira provides individuals, businesses and institutions with a wide range of Shari’ah-compliant financial services.


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100+ branches


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2 headquarters


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3800 identifiers

The challenge

Unlimited integrations and central control

Bank Aljazira’s physical access control system had become obsolete when it was withdrawn by the manufacturer. The bank wanted a new system that would integrate easily with its existing and future systems, technologies and hardware, while also enabling centralised control. And it wanted to continue using the special identity badges that were specific to its existing system. It was also crucial for Bank Aljazira that there was no risk to security during the switch to a new system.

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What they did

Flexibility for now and the future, fully ensured

The bank installed AEOS physical access control – first at its new branches and then at its two HQ buildings. And it did this without any system downtime or risk to security during the move. AEOS has also been integrated with several types of hardware and many of Bank Aljazira’s other systems, and it’s enabled it to continue using its existing cards. AEOS has provided the freedom to add new integrations too – both now and in the future.

Key objective

A system enabling freedom, innovation and practicality

  • Centralised control across an unlimited number of sites.
  • Integrations with a wide variety of systems including HR management and biometric identification.
  • Freedom to integrate with third-party, long-range and multi-technology readers.
  • Existing infrastructure can be reused.
  • A futureproof system that’s able to cope with any growth or changes required.
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