The facts and figures

About barth logistics

barth logistics, based in Germany, already had 15 locations and around 700 employees when it opened its biggest site yet. This important new distribution centre in Hechingen has a fuel station, truck servicing area, offices and 50 loading gates, and it handles huge volumes of goods. So it’s crucial it has the right physical access control system to protect it.


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700+ employees


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16 locations


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Elevator integration

The challenge

A wide range of requirements

barth logistics’ customers span many different industries and include companies transporting pharmaceutical drugs, dangerous goods, valuable items and more. Each has its own specific security requirements,
and barth has to ensure it meets them.

To do this, barth’s security managers need insight into, and control over, what’s happening where. If a door’s accidentally left open or someone tries to gain unauthorised entry, for example, the security team must be alerted so they can take action. They need to ensure employees from industrial areas don’t have free access to the commercial area. And unauthorised access must not be allowed into to critical operational areas, such as medication storage rooms.


What they did

Seamless connections

To help increase security and efficiency, barth logistics wanted the access control system at Hechingen to integrate easily with other systems and technologies.
This includes systems for HR and lift management, for example, and licence-plate readers. And it wants to be free to integrate hardware from suppliers of its choice – rather than being locked into one vendor.

Key objective

A well-used system with lots of further potential

  • Access control for vehicles
  • Access rights assigned automatically
  • Straightforward to manage, maintain & integrate
  • Access to lifts controlled
  • Integrated licence-plate readers
”AEOS’s integration capabilities are so valuable. Once you start working with AEOS, you get used to the fact you can easily adapt and scale your access control system and integrate new and existing technologies. You forget this isn’t normal and begin to take it for granted.”

Lucas Wahl, IT manager barth logistics