The facts and figures

About the client

With a workforce of thousands of employees, our client provides services to a total of 70 industrial companies at multiple chemical sites in the areas of utility supply, waste management, infrastructure, safety and security, analytics and training.


100.000+ identifiers


300+ online doors


31.500+ employees

Bayer Cross

Key objective

Future-proof access control in a diverse environment

As a security service provider, the client has its own special view on the systems and consolidates numerous demands from its suppliers. Streamlining processes and offering a wide range of variations of components is essential for their business. Therefore they started an analysis of their old access control system as well as the access control market itself. This analysis, in collaboration with consultants, led to the conclusion that AEOS’s open platform turned out to be the only right solution for such a diverse environment. The implementation of AEOS is an extensive project, divided over several phases.


  • A fully flexible and scalable access control system, based on open standards so obsolete integrations can easily be replaced
  • Proof of concept: Extensive testing phase, one of the biggest entrances (> 20.000 people per day) was equipped with several techniques to evaluate over several weeks
  • Secure exterior, mainly big gates, of all chemicals parks
  • Integration with nTp “Meldesystem” (Emergency system)
“The management pointed out: "We must be future-proof, now!". Accompanying and consulting them over time convinced them of the AEOS open platform strategy, which turned out to be the only solution for such a diverse environment.”

Stephan Gorek Nedap Security Management