The challenge

Unify security, but retain investments

With 60 facilities spread across Saudi Arabia, DHL faced issues securing its critical assets, especially in relation to preventing unauthorised access and responding to alarms. DHL wanted to tighten its control over critical operational sites, employee and contractor access outside working hours, and vehicle access to its warehouse facilities. It needed a modern, unified security system that would use its existing investments effectively.

DHL picture1

What they did

AEOS tested and rolled out

After using AEOS access control and intrusion detection at an airport facility, DHL decided to implement this across the Kingdom integrated with the Milestone video monitoring system. As AEOS is based on open architecture, this integration was straightforward. And DHL was also able to continue using its existing cards and readers. By unifying all sites under the same system, DHL gained the flexibility to use these existing cards and readers across its facilities.

Key benefits

  • Increased convenience and security
  • Access restricted during non-operational hours.
  • Convenient  yet secure access for people and vehicles at all facilities.
  • Security for every site is managed from one centralised control room.
  • Graphical alarms enable faster responses and footage can be viewed for each alarm or event.
  • Every Transport Asset Protection Association regulation met, giving increased reassurance for customers.

Want the full case study?

For more information download the DHL case study.