The facts and figures

About EDF Energy

EDF Energy is an integrated energy company founded in 2002, with operations spanning electricity generation and the sale of gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout Europe. It employs 13,331 people and handles 5.7 million customer accounts.


450 online doors 


13.000+ employees


15.000 + identifiers


15+ buildings

Key objective

The key objective of the project was to implement a single secure access control solution, to replace the obsolete access control systems in use, across the corporate estate.


The solution

  • Replace multiple legacy systems with a single, up-to-date access control solution that supports open standards
  • Ensure compliance of their internal access control processes for regulated sites
  • Provide a single access control pass, with enhanced encryption, that satisfies all relevant security standards
  • Ensure that access control passes support managed print
  • Enable reporting of individuals’ access transactions across the corporate estate
  • Prevent unauthorised access and prevent abuse of the limited access to the site by non-vetted personnel