The facts and figures

About Kuwaiti Danish Dairy

KDD is one of Kuwait’s major retail brands, producing and distributing a wide range of dairy products, fruit drinks and culinary products. KDD has expanded significantly in recent years, increasing output to meet demand and adding new products to its line.

  • 3100+ identifiers
  • 600+ online doors
  • Integration with visitor management, HR & PSIM systems
  • Integration with long-range UHF readers

The challenge

High standards across multiple locations

As a result of its continued growth, KDD was experiencing difficulties in controlling access to its multiple buildings across Kuwait. It wanted to centralise access control monitoring and management, and also integrate access control with a range of third-party systems, such as visitor management and HR. Another key requirement was customised reporting to help KDD meet high standards of security, safety and efficiency.

Nedap access control

What they did

All sites connected to one flexible system

KDD installed one central AEOS server and database, so all its sites are now connected to this single access control system. As well as enabling centralised monitoring and management, AEOS offers the flexibility to integrate with existing and future systems and infrastructure, including hardware from other brands. KDD is also taking advantage of AEOS’s customised reporting and counting functionality, so they can quickly, for example, produce a presence list.

Key benefits

Increased security, safety and efficiency

  • Centralisation increases control, flexibility and convenience.
  • Integration with PSIM enables real-time updates from each location.
  • Visitors can quickly register themselves and KDD can track their visit.
  • Increased accuracy and automatic updates through integration with HR system.
  • Long-range UHF readers and combi cards allow streamlined access for drivers.
Arriving on time, every time

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