The facts and figures

About National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)


750+ online doors


Presence in 15 countries


6,000+ employees


150 branches

The challenge

A unified system, open to change

NBK was moving its operations to newly built headquarters. It wanted to centralise access control monitoring and management and establish a unified security system across all of its locations in Kuwait. Flexibility was very important for NBK to enable swift responses to changing security needs. And it wanted its new security system to be based on an open platform for easy integration with its IT ecosystem.

What they did

AEOS installed nationwide

Having used AEOS in some locations, NBK knew it would provide the flexibility and scalability it was looking for. Not to mention the features it needs such as zoning, customised reporting and lift integration. Just one server and database now enable central control of security at NBK’s iconic HQ and its branches and datacentres across Kuwait. AEOS has also enabled straightforward integration with other technologies such as a time attendance system.

NBK 2017 – 29

Key benefits

Increased flexibility, freedom and control

  • Centralised monitoring and control saves time and increases security.
  • Varying security levels keeps security high while maintaining freedom.
  • AEOS’s visitor management enables easy data capture with passport and ID readers.
  • High functionality adds value and allows tailoring to specific requirements.
  • AEOS’s open platform enables integrations to extend the system’s capabilities.

Integration with


Visitor management (reading Kuwait ID)


OSDP-compliant HID readers


Destination control for lifts


HRMS Integration

“As we were making an investment that would be used across many sites, we wanted to be sure we selected absolutely the right system. Nedap proved that AEOS would provide not only the unification and specific features that we need, but the flexibility to make future adaptations and integrations too. Also, AEOS is cleverly designed around the people using it, so it brings value in terms of time saved and increased convenience, as well as improved security.”

Mr. Ezzat Hallal, General Manager – Engineering Services, NBK

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