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About Pro Persona Pompestichting

Pro Persona provides mental healthcare at several locations in the Netherlands. One of these locations is the Pompestichting clinic in Nijmegen, which cares for people with psychiatric problems who’ve broken the law. This service has quite different security requirements than regular mental healthcare, so AEOS access control was chosen to provide the flexibility and controllability needed.


Meets Dutch government requirements


Cybersecure access control


Integration with intercom

Key objective

Balance between safety for society and new opportunities for patients

The Pompestichting clinic houses patients who display disruptive, transgressive and dangerous behaviour. Its main goal is regeneration; it seeks a balance between safety for society and new opportunities for patients. So its access control system needs to support this goal by keeping staff, patients and the wider community safe, while also giving patients the freedom to rehabilitate.

Luchtfoto tbs kliniek Pompestichting

The solution

Flexible, easy-to-use access control with varying security levels

  • Freedom to choose installation partners – Nsecure installed AEOS at the Pompestichting and hosts the AEOS server to ensure a much higher level of security against hackers. Winkels Techniek installed AEOS at the other Pro Persona locations.
  • Meeting the Dutch justice department’s requirements.
  • The option to tailor configurations and integrations and use a variety of identifiers is a key advantage that attracted Pro Persona.
  • Integration with video management, lockers and intercoms.
“Our organisation is very dynamic; our needs are always changing, so who knows what our security requirements will be in the future?”

Harm Jan Nauta Team Leader for Technical Management and Maintenance at Pro Persona

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