The facts & figures

About PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)

One of Europe’s most advanced companies in the security printing sector, PWPW prints high-security items such as passports, visas, banknotes and payment cards. PWPW’s existing access control system was no longer supported by the manufacturer, so it wanted a replacement to ensure the high levels of security it needs. The PWPW factory isn’t a straightforward site to protect, however. It’s a complex of eleven buildings built at different times and the layout is complicated due to many disparate passageways and staircases.


over 3000 cardholders


470 doors


2 locations (more to follow)


Integration with 3D biometric readers

The challenge

High security with freedom to choose

PWPW needed to replace its existing access control system. And, as it prints high-security items, needs a high level of safety and protection. It wanted its new system to be open to integrations, able to adapt easily to future needs and offer the opportunity to centralise access control. PWPW was also keen to buy from a stable manufacturer offering ongoing support – without being locking in to using its products and services.


What they did

First step towards centralisation

After a rigorous international search, including meetings with at least 12 manufacturers and visits to end users to see systems in action, PWPW selected AEOS access control. It chose the independent integrator Team Systems to install AEOS at is headquarters and one other site. And plans to expand AEOS to its other sites in the future – its ultimate goal being to enable employees to use just one access control card across all of its facilities.

Key benefits

Increased security and flexibility

  • AEOS’s high levels of security enabled PWPW to achieve ISO 14298 certification.
  • Integrates easily with other technologies such as biometric readers.
  • If regulations change, can adapt easily to meet new requirements.
  • No vendor lock in – PWPW is free to choose third-party products and services.
  • Enables the use of one centralised, fully unified system.
"After such a thorough search of the market, we’re confident we’ve made the right choice in Nedap and its AEOS access control system. It provides everything we need now, and we know we can easily expand and adapt our system to meet any future needs. What’s more, we appreciate having the freedom to appoint different installers and integrators, so we can choose the right company for each project and location. And we can ensure competitive pricing for servicing and maintenance.”

Piotr Sitko, Deputy Director for Security PWPW