The facts and figures

About Qatar University

Qatar University is the only public university in the country and conducts regional research for the government and private industry. With 20,000+ students, it has thousands of lockers spread across multiple buildings.


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20 buildings


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Integration with Active Directory


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Integration with customised software interface

The challenge

Unite lockers on one system

Qatar University wanted to unite its lockers on one system so it can monitor, manage and maintain them centrally. It also wanted to integrate locker management with Active Directory, so lockers can be assigned automatically. And it wanted to be able to produce customised reports to help it keep track of the status of its lockers – by live monitoring, for example. In the future, the university plans to integrate physical access control with its locker management system.

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What they did

Centralised, integrated management

With the help of Nedap channel partner, Adax Business Systems, Qatar University implemented AEOS Locker Management on one central server. Its Active Directory database is also hosted on this server and all its facilities are connected to it. Adax also integrated a custom software interface to extend AEOS’s powerful reporting capabilities and enable the customisation the university was looking for.

Key objective

Flexibility and convenience allow close control

  • Centralisation enables remote management via a web-based browser.
  • Lockers can be assigned flexibly and automatically for students and employees.
  • Customised reports enable close tracking of locker use.
  • Physical access control can be easily integrated with locker management.
  • Endless opportunities for other integrations, including video management.
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“AEOS Locker Management gives customers so much flexibility. It operates really well as a standalone system and becomes even more powerful when it’s integrated with other systems. Which is straightforward to do – even if clients want some customisations, as Qatar University did.”

Diljith Parayath, General Manager at Adax Business Systems