The facts and figures

About QSC AG

QSC AG is a full service IT provider and is counted among Germany’s leading provider of IT outsourcing and IT consulting services. QSC AG makes servers available so that customers can manage their own servers locally.


Data centre of 10.000 m2


160 readers


Integration with infrared scanner

Key objective

Security that scales up seamlessly

As a full service IT provider, a reliable access control system is essential for QSC AG to ensure the security of the data stored on servers. The entire data centre must be subject to an extra high security classification to prevent unauthorised access and ensure constant protection of the data.


The solution

Greater security through maximum user friendliness

Each employee is granted access to the public areas of each building, but the data centres themselves remain accessible only to a select few employees. This allows QSC AG to ensure the security of all servers and data for its customers. At the same time it also facilitates compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Employees without authorisation can enter the data centres only in the accompaniment of a properly authorised person. To enter the data centre, the person must hold their access ID up to a Nedap reader and then enter a PIN code into an input device from Codeguard. The trick: the ordering of the numbers is constantly shuffled.

"AEOS supports us in implementing the high security standards applied at our data centres in the most user friendly way possible."

Andreas Sauer Data Center Manager QSC AG

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