The facts and figures

About RTA Dubai

RTA is Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority and the emirate’s sole public transport service provider.


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85.000 identifiers


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752 online doors


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100 users

The challenge

A modern, powerful system

RTA’s existing physical access control system was installed at its HQ and a variety of locations across Dubai, including depots and offices. But it was outdated and unable to scale to meet the large volume of transactions demanded of it daily. RTA wanted a system that would enable centralised control and easy integrations with other systems. And it wanted this new system to streamline the management of access authorisations and tracking for thousands of employees, contractors and visitors.


What they did

Centralised, integrated access control

By installing AEOS, RTA was able to unite all its locations on one centralised server and continue to use its existing infrastructure and hardware. AEOS has also enabled the easy integration of several technologies, including passport readers for streamlined visitor enrolment and biometric systems for straightforward employee enrolment. Third-party readers and a physical security information management system (PSIM) have also been integrated.

Key objective

Increased control, flexibility and security

  • One system for visitor and contractor management, as well as access control for employees.
  • Centralised control and tracking across every location.
  • Automatic authorisations enable access rights to be assigned and managed efficiently.
  • Tailored user profiles increase security by limiting access to critical data.
  • Flexibility to scale, integrate and respond to future needs.
“AEOS has given us so much more control by giving us excellent flexibility. We can now be much more specific about who has access to where and when. And we can also keep a much closer track on who goes where and when. The integration possibilities of AEOS open so many doors for us to extend and adapt our security ecosystem too, so we can respond to needs and opportunities as they arrive.”

To be defined RTA Dubai

“With AEOS, RTA Dubai has the best of both worlds. They can continue using their existing infrastructure and hardware, and so prolong their investment in that. But they can also continue introducing other technologies, such as biometric identification, as their needs change and new advancements become available.”

Mr. Ali Zyadat Regional Manager at Secutronic