The facts and figures

About Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone Qatar provides a wide range of mobile telecoms services, plus related equipment and accessories. It has many facilities across Qatar, including its headquarters, offices, retail stores, distribution outlets and service centres.


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3 sites


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30+ doors


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Integration with third-party software & hardware

The challenge

A centralised system for better control

When Vodafone Qatar moved to new facilities, it wanted to implement a new physical access control system. One key requirement was to centralise access control to enable better monitoring and management, including the production of customised reports. Another key requirement was for the system to be built on an open platform and allow easy integrations with third-party systems, such as Oracle HR software, and third-party hardware, such as readers.

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What they did

Connected to one server

Nedap channel partner, Adax Business Systems, installed one central AEOS server and database for Vodafone, and its headquarters and two branch offices are now connected to it. By integrating its Oracle HR system, Vodafone can share employee data to and from its access control system for reporting purposes. And, to maximise AEOS’s reporting capabilities, the university integrated customised dashboards and Jasper’s time attendance software. AEOS’s flexibility has also enabled the integration of hardware such as Samsotech passport and national ID reader.

Key objective

Easier, more accurate management

  • Physical access control can be managed easily and remotely across all connected sites.
  • Detailed, customised reporting for close tracking and auditing.
  • Easy integrations with third-party software and hardware.
  • Use of existing infrastructure is being maximised.
  • Potential to extend and adapt the system as needed in the future.
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“We were looking for an open system which is easy to install and manage, and AEOS has become really valuable in enabling us to stay in control and manage access to all remote sites. The fact we can integrate so many other systems, including our critical Oracle HR System, means there’s great potential for AEOS to help us save time and money – while also increasing security, safety, convenience and efficiency.”

Ahmed Elmasry Head of Property, Facilities Management and H&S at Vodafone Qatar