Facts & figures

About Weeze Airport

3.5m passengers

1,250 employees

650 buildings

The challenge

Prevent access via exit doors

As at any other air terminal, passengers at Weeze Airport leave customs (the area where they can declare goods) via sliding doors. When these doors open for people to leave, it gives an opportunity for anyone standing on the other, unsecured, side to enter the secure side of the airport. This poses a potential security risk that Weeze Airport wanted to address.


What they did

Invisible turnstile & improved checks

Weeze Airport installed a radar above the sliding doors at the exit to customs and integrated it into AEOS. It detects when someone walks into, rather than out of, the doors and sets off an alarm. The airport also started using AEOS for automated card control. The cardholder’s authorisations are automatically checked and the photo on their card compared with the one on the database.

Key benefits

Safety improved for passengers

  • People on the airport’s unsecured side are no longer free to enter its secure side.
  • Passengers can still leave the terminal quickly, unhindered by security.
  • Security managers can perform fast visual checks on people with access cards.
  • Immediate notifications if authorisations have expired or are due to.
  • Flexibility to easily add new access control features.
  • The airport can comply with the highest airport secure standards.

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What's your challenge?

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