The facts and figures

About Ziggo Dome

The Ziggo Dome is a major indoor concert arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As of 2017, it ranks behind Madison Square Garden, SSE Hydro, Manchester Arena, and the O2 Arena London as the 5th busiest concert venue in the world.


17.000+ spectators


100+ readers


480 intrusion zones

Key objective

Future-proof and flexible access control

The access control functionality in the Ziggo Dome is mainly used to separate the backstage area, used by the performers and their crew, from the public areas. The offices are also a separate block with access control. The system must be designed to ensure that the public stays in the areas it is allowed to use and to grant staff members access to the areas where they need to be. Of all the doors in the building, 103 must be equipped with access control and a further 60 should allow access to people in possession of a PIN code.


The solution

Compromise between convenience and safety

  • Role-based access control
  • Future-proof functionality
  • Grade 3-certified intrusion detection performance
  • PIN identification
“The great thing about it is that you can channel signals from the different systems into AEOS, from cameras, dirty water pumps, air conditioning - you can link everything. And as the administrator, I can also delegate tasks to other people, the receptionist for example. AEOS is role-based, which means you can specify exactly what somebody may or may not do and modify.”

Ruud Bongers Facility Manager Ziggo Dome

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