The Intrusion Base Panel can be used both stand alone as well as integrated into the AEOS system. The panel includes the AP8001X AEOS processing unit (AEpu), one power supply and the AP3006 module to connect up to 16 supervised sensors and contacts to the system. Compatible and prepared for a Chiron IP dialer for connection to a monitoring centre, with dual path backup through GPRS. If connected to the IP network it communicates with other AEpus and IP-based devices in the network. Using the AEbus the AEpu can communicate with other AEpacks.


Product specifications

  • Complies with EN50131 grade 3 standard
  • Processor 800MHz, 256MB SDRAM, 2GB Flash
  • Network Ethernet, UTP 10/100 Mbit TCP/IP
  • AEbus isolated
  • 16 x supervised inputs (EOL value selectable)
  • 2 relays, 8 open collectors
  • Interfaces 1 x RS485 (Nedap readers Convexs, Invexs LCD keypad)
  • Power input 115-230 VAC
  • Battery control (capacity max. 17 Ah @ 24 V) – batteries not included

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