Join us in June at SecurityExpo Munich!

This year’s event will be focused on the convergence of security, safety, and technology. But our team will be focused on one thing: One-on-one personal conversations with you, over a very special cup of coffee.
💡 Did you know that one to two cups of coffee per day can lead to a healthier heart?

Well, It’s not so different from having to keep your access control system up-to-date and healthy. So, we promise you this: You will not have our products in your face at this event. There will be no demos of our hardware or software forced on you. Our heart beats only for your security!!

Instead, we welcome you to share in some heart-to-heart conversations about topics that YOU would like to talk about.

✅  Our team of security experts will be there to listen.

✅  Our barista will be there to serve you a fresh brew of the best coffee. ☕️

✅  Together, we will bring things back to basics and learn from each other.



Does this sound like a plan to you? Then let’s get you a ticket to this event!

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