Together with our Channel Partner Vitani Security we will be exhibiting again this year at stand 03:22, where we invite you inside for a good chat about our comprehensive access control suite.

  • We’re there to talk about our access control solutions: on-premises, SaaS, PIAM, Nedap Mobile Access. locker management, long distance readers and technology partner integrations.
  • Take a closer look at BioStation 3 – Suprema’s new generation of BioStation. BioStation 3 identifies people using facial recognition and in addition to facial recognition, the terminal supports the use of QR codes, barcodes and mobile access cards that can be stored on a user’s smartphone.
  • Vitani Security is the distributor of Alphatronics UNii on the Danish market and Alphatronics will also be at our stand to talk about the UNii platform.

About the fair

SKYDD in Stockholm has long been the security industry’s most important meeting place. An international arena for news, innovation and creative security solutions that drive progress and point the way to a safer society. Welcome to three intense and eventful days when the industry gathers in Stockholm.
Will we see you there?

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