Today’s modern, high-quality physical access control systems are intelligent. They’re powered by software, process large quantities of data and are connected to your IT network. This provides huge benefits in terms of functionality, flexibility, scalability and integration potential. But it also means that, – just like your other IT systems – they need cybersecurity protection, including regular software upgrades.

Can you afford to risk not being protected?

Without adequate protection, your physical access control system is vulnerable to hackers and other cybercriminals. And the results of someone tapping into or overriding your system could be disastrous – ranging from stolen confidential data to physical theft, and from reputation damage to acts of terrorism.

Your choice of system can make a big difference

It’s impossible to say that an access control system is 100% cybersecure, but some offer far more cyberprotection than others. And there are also important measures you can take to increase the protection of your access control hardware and software.

With AEOS, you’re in control

The cybersecurity levels appropriate for your access control system will depend on your industry, location, individual needs and budget. Which is why our AEOS access control system puts you in control of cybersecurity.

You can determine which components you secure – for example, cards, readers, databases and the interface – and at what level. And you can increase the level of protection as cybersecurity becomes more important for you.

End-to-end cybersecurity brings high-level protection

If you need the highest level of security, you can protect your AEOS system with full end-to-end cyberprotection that exceeds the stringent guidelines now published in many European countries.

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