Nedap has developed a robust cybersecurity solution. By applying the latest principles of encryption and strong authentication used in IT, we achieve secure storage and secure communication between all elements of the AEOS access control system. Securing the different elements of your physical access control system is done via digital certificates. Integrations can be made with third party systems for maintaining and distributing these digital certificates and for updating the essential card data.

  • Scalable and future-proof cybersecurity for your access control system
  • Protect your building, people and assets against physical and cyber threads

Why Cybersecurity?

If you have a modern physical access control system that’s connected to your IP network, it’s essential it has adequate cybersecurity protection. Without this, it’s vulnerable to hacking by cybercriminals, and the results can include unauthorised access to your premises, data theft, physical theft or even terrorism. Which, ultimately, could lead to serious safety threats, financial losses and damage to your organisation’s reputation, growth and stability.

Cybersecurity in AEOS

AEOS supports a wide variety of cybersecurity options. Both on network communication level as on user management level. Integrations with our partners help making your AEOS system cyber secure.


Digital certificate management

In an access control system, communication takes place between different servers and door controllers. To cyber secure these communication lines, digital certificates are used. Each server or door controller gets a personalised certificate assigned. To maintain, update and renew these certificates, Nedap integrates with certificate management suppliers.


  • Remote maintenance of installing and updating digital certificates
  • Cyber secure network communication between different elements.

The above is focused on what AEOS provides in cybersecurity with integrations. To read more about what AEOS offers of its own related to cybersecurity, click here.


Technology Partner Programme

Having a wide range of customers means we get a wide range of demands, like the integration of biometric systems with our access control system. That’s why AEOS is based entirely on open standards – it ensures your system can be tailored to your specific needs and is future proof. We partner with a great set of companies that are the best at what they do to make this happen. By collaborating closely with technology partners, we can offer security solutions unique to you that take full advantage of their best-of-breed technology – and ours. We create integrations by supporting each other during development. All integrated solutions are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Technology Partner Programme