Key Cabinets

Sometimes it isn’t possible to use electronic access control in your building and you have to use physical keys. When this is the case, a safe place to store these keys is important but challenging if you have many keys in use. Nedap is working closely with the best Key Cabinet suppliers, offering:

  • Secure storage of all your keys
  • Easy management of who can access which keys

Why Key Cabinets?

In a key management system without AEOS integration, keys are secured in a key cabinet and each key is assigned a specific location in the cabinet. You can assign every key or key bundle to someone and manage release, timing and return of keys.

It can, however, be confusing if you have two systems for managing access and it does not prevent people from accidentally taking away keys that they should have returned before leaving.

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Key management with access control

When you connect a key cabinet and management system to AEOS, you can see on the AEOS user interface when keys were issued, who they were issued to and if they’ve been returned. Also, you can access electronic key cabinets with your existing access control badges, so there’s no need to manage access to your key cabinets separately. You can issue keys easily and manage or monitor their status from AEOS, as well as printing reports showing their movements.

AEOS links the data from your key management system with its own database. This gives you lots of access control options that you wouldn’t have with two separate systems. If someone hasn’t returned a key, for example, AEOS can block their exit until they return it. Or, when employees leave the company and their access rights are blocked in AEOS, their access to physical keys is automatically blocked too.




  • Increase efficiency and prevent errors by giving people access control rights and access to keys from a single user interface.
  • Monitor who’s taken which keys, when and from where – or print a report about it.
  • Monitor whether keys have been returned.
  • Prevent people from leaving the building with a key.

AEOS offers integrations with the best Key Cabinets. For more information about specific integrations, please have a look at our


Technology Partner Programme

Having a wide range of customers means we get a wide range of demands, like the integration of biometric systems with our access control system. That’s why AEOS is based entirely on open standards – it ensures your system can be tailored to your specific needs and is future proof. We partner with a great set of companies that are the best at what they do to make this happen. By collaborating closely with technology partners, we can offer security solutions unique to you that take full advantage of their best-of-breed technology – and ours. We create integrations by supporting each other during development. All integrated solutions are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Technology Partner Programme