The rise of destination control for passenger lifts

Automatic destination systems are outgrowing traditional lift systems more and more. By adding intelligence to you lift system, you get a better people flow and you can set characteristics like VIP for getting priority or cleaning staff that requires an empty lift. Nedap is working closely with the best elevator suppliers, offering;

  • Improve people flow.
  • Ensures people can only enter floors they’re allowed to enter.
  • Set default floors and user characteristics.
  • Badge or mobile can be used to identify yourself at lifts.

Why automated destination systems?

Traditional lift systems are wired manually and have no data. They don’t know how many people are waiting or where each person wants to go or is authorised to go. So you wait for a lift, and when you enter it, you press the button for the floor you want.

With the use of automatic destination systems however, you can register key characteristics of each person using the building. This means that when you present yourself at the lift, the lift system knows which floor or floors you’re allowed to go to and calculates which lift and circumstance is best for you. If you need to go to a different floor from your home floor – you can select the floor you want. If you’re authorised to go there, it will take you there instead.

Open standards are the key to integration
  • Operating outside the lift

If someone presents an authorised badge at a control panel outside the lift, the floors they’re allowed to access are shown on the panel. They can then choose which floor to go to. The panel also tells them which lift will take them to that floor. Allowing destination selection outside the lift like this, helps to optimise use of it.

  • Operating inside the lift

The person using the lift presents their badge at an access control reader inside the lift, and the floors they’re allowed to access are shown. They can then choose the floor they want to go to, and the lift takes them there.

  • Home floor assignment

You can set up a default or home floor for someone. Access to the lifts is secured by turnstiles where people have to present their access badge. When someone passes the turnstile, the lift controller signals the home floor for that person, and a display at the turnstile tells them which lift to take. This means people no longer need to select their destination manually, unless they want to go to a different floor. Authorisations to determine whether lift control panels can be operated, and which floors can be accessed, are managed in the AEOS application.

Elevator integration

The benefits of automatic destination systems

  • Single interface for authorisation management to doors and floors.
  • Set personal characteristics like VIP, disabilities or requirement of empty lifts for transporting goods.
  • Monitoring of people flow.

Technology Partner Programme

Having a wide range of customers means we get a wide range of demands, like the integration of automatic destination systems with our access control system. That’s why AEOS is based entirely on open standards – it ensures your system can be tailored to your specific needs and is future proof. We partner with a great set of companies that are the best at what they do to make this happen. By collaborating closely with technology partners, we can offer security solutions unique to you that take full advantage of their best-of-breed technology – and ours. We create integrations by supporting each other during development. All integrated solutions are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Technology Partner Programme

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