At Nedap we understand the crucial role a security / Engineering consultant plays in every project. We understand the vast amount of knowledge required for you to correctly advise your clients on their security needs. From enterprise risk management, crime prevention through architectural design, integrated systems, managing legacy technology migrations as well as regulations, standards, local laws, new trends, cyber security and beyond. It’s almost mission impossible to stay on top of everything!

That is why at Nedap we have created the Consultant Program, which is purposely designed to support consultants in their everyday activities, from specification and design support, updates on new trends and technologies, or general security systems advice. Our group of security professionals have a huge wealth of experience and are here to make your lives easier, so that you can better support your clients.

What you can expect?

Get valuable industry insights

The roadshow is a great chance to get updates on new developments in access control from our specialists, who’ll share their insights on the latest market trends and technology.

Learn from a security trailblazer

Our Security experts have hands-on experience and are exceptional at designing new security solutions as well as identifying weak spots in existing access control systems.

Network, socialise & share knowledge

Alongside the roadshow’s official events, there’ll also be plenty of time for informal networking, socialising and sharing knowledge

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