"I truly believe the release of AEOS 2019.1, our access control system, will give you great new functionality and major performance increases. On top of that, I’m confident it will put you in control for setting the level of cyber security you would like. "

Wesley Keegstra Nedap Security Management

The latest release of AEOS, our access control system, is ready to go and comes with great improvements. You can expect excellent new functionality and major performance increases, and it will help you increase cyber security on your access control too. It’s called AEOS 2019.1 and it’s something of a game-changer.

A brand new dashboard for AEOS

The new AEOS dashboard that comes with this release is designed to increase security, usability and speed. A key change is that it’s based on HTML5 rather than Adobe Flash because Flash lacks the performance and security of HTML5.

We’ve also focused on increasing speed and ease of use with this new-look dashboard. Not only have we made technical improvements, the dashboard’s new visual design keeps things really clear. So, with these two changes combined, you can complete front desk tasks much, much faster.

Turn up the security in AEOS

Did you know that various elements in AEOS can be secured? Some are secured by default and some are optional. You’re in charge and can even determine the level of cyber security for your AEOS system.

Cyber security isn’t new for AEOS but we’ve improved it and made it much easier to control in AEOS 2019.1, so you can set the level to suit you.

Depending on your needs, you can secure each of AEOS’s components, including the server, database, door controllers and card readers. Even if it’s not something you want to do now, the hardware and software is there ready for you to set it up in the future.

TLS protects database connections

AEOS’s frontend has had a secure connection for several versions. This ensures secure communication between the server and workstations used by receptionists, guards and security managers. In this new release, the database connection is also secured via a TLS connection, which gives you even greater security.

Keep keys on the safe side

With this release, it’s also really easy to secure your readers at higher level too. It lets you store card keys in the controller, rather than the reader, on the safe side of the door. This is what we call a ‘transparent’ reader. By using a simple user interface called the Scripting UI, you can keep cards and card keys save within your organization.

Get access to OSDP Secure

As AEOS is an open security platform, we support several reader interfaces. The 2019.1 release gives you access to OSDP Secure as well as OSDP, which was added in a previous release. This means the data travelling between third-party readers and Nedap controllers is encrypted – adding another layer of security.

End-to-End, step by step

AEOS is one of the few security platforms to offer end-to-end security. And the great thing is, you can achieve this one step at a time. You can secure communications between your workstations and the AEOS server, and between the AEOS server and the database. And you can secure communications from readers to controllers, and from controllers to the server. All these lines of communication can be protected with different levels of security. Because, with AEOS, you’re in control – whether you want full end-to-end security or you’re happy with just transparent readers, you can set it to suit your needs.

New numbering keeps things simple

We’ve introduced a new versioning system with this release of AEOS too, which will make things more straightforward for you. It identifies AEOS versions by year, so it’s easier to check when your version was released and whether or not it’s still supported.

We support AEOS versions for up to three years after the release date. As updates aren’t available for unsupported versions, it’s really important to use an up-to-date, supported version that gives you the latest security patches and optimum functionality.

With our new AEOS numbering, we distinguish between releases and updates like this:

2019.1.x:        Release numbering;       containing new functionality, patches and security updates
2019.1.x:          Update* numbering;      containing patches and minor security updates only.

*You can install update versions server-side only, which means you can keep your controllers and database on the current version with no downtime needed.

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