With great pleasure, Nedap Security Management announces the appointment of Lucas Young as Head of Sales DACH/CE Europe & the UK.

Lucas will be responsible for the leadership and development of sales operations and further growth in these regions.


Lucas Young appointed Head of Sales at Nedap Security Management


Lucas brings over 20 years of experience in security services and technology.

He’s led multinational teams across EMEA, most recently at Synectics and Axis Communication, driving sales and strategic alignment in sectors such as critical infrastructure, transport, and public spaces, to name a few. Lucas is well known for his passion in helping bridge the gap between organisational needs and high-security solutions, with his holistic approach to sales.

When asked why he chose Nedap, Lucas shared with us his candid thoughts and first impression.


“In my initial conversations with the leadership team, it became clear to me that Nedap is every bit the ambitious company I believed it to be.

It’s a company that genuinely places people, integrity, and technology at the heart of everything it does. I’ve long admired Nedap’s strong brand and its position in the industry, so it's a real privilege to now be a part of it and look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.” 

Lucas Young Nedap Security Management

Lucas will be based in the UK, where he lives with his family just south of London.

He and his wife Cristina are parents to two sons, aged 8 and 14, and in his spare time, Lucas helps at both their football teams. On a personal note, he’s also a fan of rom-com (romantic comedy) movie nights on the weekends. But don’t let his gentle side fool you. He’s got a full history of military background as a Royal Marines Commando, having traveled the world, and operated in a range of extreme environments (imagine everything from the Arctic tundra to the deserts of North Africa and jungles of Central America).

If you catch him in person one day, you can ask him about his consulting days when he helped the maritime sector protect themselves from pirate attacks!

We welcome Lucas and his vast life experiences which, combined with his professional history, will be great assets that complement and further strengthen Nedap. Cheers to continued success, together.

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