Update 25 September 2021

The corona policy in the Netherlands will be amended as of September 25 2021, giving society more freedom. An important element in this is that keeping 1.5 meters distance is no longer mandatory but is still a very urgent recommendation. Furthermore, the following applies to work: work at home if you can and go to work if you have to.

At Nedap, we have always taken the line that we follow the government’s guidelines and allow our employees to interpret them by own judgement. The starting point is and remains making sensible decisions.

  • Employees can decide for themselves whether they need to be in the office;
  • However, we do ask everyone to give each other space where possible in the spirit of ‘keeping 1.5 meters distance’;
  • External visitors are welcome; but keep in mind the size of the group. We register the visit at the reception desk;
  • Self-tests are available at the reception desk to perform a self-test if necessary.

If you have further questions, please contact your Nedap contact person.


Since Thursday 12 March 2020 measures apply in the Netherlands to stop the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). Nedap is following the guidance issued by the Dutch government. People’s health is our first priority.

All measures were extended since Tuesday 31 March. They now apply until the 28th of April (inclusive) or if otherwise announced (updates will be communicated at our website).

We maintain the measures we have already taken:

  • Employees are working remote as much as possible; people at site will work in shifts;
  • No external visitors in Nedap offices unless agreed with management;
  • No visits of Nedap employees to external events;
  • Highly restricted travel to customers and suppliers.

In the meantime, we will continue to support our customers as usual and keep on working closely with our suppliers.
If you have further questions, please contact your Nedap contact person.

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