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Joeri Jansen
Technical Support Engineer

Introducing Joeri Jansen

Joeri Jansen is a technical support engineer at Nedap Security Management. When he’s not busy supporting our partners, he enjoys (in his own words) “typical nerdy stuff like movies, gaming, technology and cars”. Joeri’s also fond of exercising – especially Crossfit. He says one of the things he’s learned from Crossfit, is that it doesn’t matter how good or bad it is, you can try to make it better than it was yesterday. What a great philosophy.

Why knowledge is power when it comes to access control

We talked to Joeri to find out the impact of his role and his views on the security market.

What are you responsible for at Nedap Security Management, Joeri?

I provide third-line support to our channel partners who supply and integrate AEOS access control. With my team, I answer our partners’ questions and help them solve issues they’re not able to solve on their own. We make sure they get great support so they can provide end clients with an excellent system and service.

We’re also responsible for training our partners – again, so they can provide the best service possible when it comes to AEOS access control.

As well as training new and existing partners on both basic and advanced topics, we also give partners the tools to self-educate. This includes making sure our manuals are up to date, creating instructional videos, running webinars and publishing knowledge-based articles and tips on our portal.

What goals are you trying to achieve in your work?

As I always explain to new trainees during their first course, AEOS is like a multitool – you can do everything with it, but you need to know how to handle it. So my ultimate goal is to enable our partners to do great and inspiring projects. I want to give them the confidence to try new things, knowing that they always have someone to rely on and face challenges with them.

In the end, if they’re successful with AEOS, their clients are happy and we’re successful too. Everyone wins.

What are the biggest challenges in your work?

Everyone has their own thoughts and ways and there are always multiple solutions to consider. The biggest challenge is to keep an open mind and look past the obvious to find the best solution.

What do you think are the biggest challenges in today’s security market?

Organisations keep getting bigger and bigger, which makes it easy to lose sight of the small details – but the details are the most important aspects of security. The biggest risk isn’t brute force but the small weak points in a system that can be abused. In each case, a well-considered process is needed to ensure even the small things are handled correctly.

What access control functionality do you believe is most underused?

One of the functionalities that’s not yet been fully adopted, and that I think is excellent, is the transparent mode for card readers. In access control systems, you need encryption keys to decrypt the encrypted badge number. These encryption keys are usually stored in the card reader itself. But when you use transparent mode, the encryption keys are stored in the controller. In practice, this means the keys are physically stored on the ‘safe side’ of the door. If the reader gets stolen, or the communication gets hacked, the encryption key isn’t exposed.

What do you think are the most valuable innovations in today’s security market?

For me, it’s something that’s actually been going on for some time now and it’s that different systems are becoming integrated. Instead of several systems operating as standalones, they become connected and share information and functionality.

That’s also why I’m so proud of Nedap. Having seen this trend emerge, we were inspired to start our best-of-breed programme where we build relationships and integrations with technology partners to offer end clients even better solutions.

How do you believe the role of access control will change in the coming years?

I think it’s actually the awareness of access control and what it offers that will make the biggest change. With an increasing focus on cyber security and the protection of personal data, we’re seeing an increase in security awareness in general. Which means people are becoming more knowledgeable about access control and the commercial benefits it can offer.

How do you think organisations can improve their return on investment into access control?

In really simple terms, securing your premises doesn’t earn you money directly – but NOT securing them can cost you a great deal.

What we see, in practice, is that securing your premises isn’t a one-time job; it’s a journey that evolves and shapes around your security needs and your commercial needs. The technology is there to meet those needs. The most important thing is that you start this journey with organisations that understand your needs and will guide your through the journey. And, in particular, will be there for you in the future.

What does security for life mean for you at work?

For me, security for life means technology for life. Our technology – the AEOS system we created – is designed to make people’s everyday lives better and more comfortable. And I’m one of the engineers that helps to maintain it for the people using it daily. The beautiful thing about Nedap is that every single employee shares this same belief.

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