Lisa Ottink

Did you know that we only work with certified access control integrators from our channel partner network? And that we have channel partners around the world?


In this interview, Lisa Ottink from our partner experience team talks about our channel partner network and how it’s based on building strong, supportive relationships.


First things first, what is Nedap’s channel partner network?

It’s our certified network of access control integrators based around the world. We like to call them our ambassadors because they market, sell, install and service AEOS, our access control system.

We have a variety of channel partners, and each has something distinct to offer. Some, for example, focus on a specific market, others have a specialist area of experience, and some have built marketable hardware and software solutions using AEOS. This is because we don’t look for partners that compete on price alone – we really want partners that can add something extra.

If you go to the How to buy section, you’ll see the variety there. It enables customers to choose the best fit for their individual needs.

Why does Nedap have a channel partner network?

We specialise in developing software and hardware. By gathering a network of skilled, trained partners to install and configure AEOS and add any integrations, it gives us the capability to fulfil our end customers’ access control challenges.

It’s a win-win situation for all parties because we’re doing what we do best and so are our partners, so end customers get the very best quality of product and service. Our channel partners can also combine AEOS with third-party solutions via our Technology Partner programme – or even a solution they’ve built themselves – so customers get the best of both worlds in this respect too.

On our partner portal we have a section called the marketplace, which is a community for our channel partners. It allows them to share the marketable AEOS solutions they’ve implemented – whether it’s software-based or a hardware-based solution.

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Where are your channel partners based?

We have channel partners around the world, including a well-established network across Europe, and we continue to build on our global and European presence every day.


How can an integrator become a Nedap channel partner – and what do you look for?

Integrators can request to become a channel partner through our website. But it’s not just a case of filling out a form, and we’re not looking for companies that want to become a partner for just one project. We’re looking for true partnership and a long-term relationship, and our channel partners need to be the right fit on a variety of levels. Our company values need to be aligned, for example, and they need to be willing to invest in building their knowledge.

New partners also need to fit in with the rest of our partners. As you’d expect, some of our partners compete, but they’re all able to build their own proposition based around their strengths and their AEOS offering. Sometimes channel partners actually work together – and that’s where our marketplace is really helpful. Rather than a partner spending a lot of time building something themselves, they can use a proven solution created by another partner.

When we’re considering new partners, the word partner says it all for us. It’s not just about us assessing and having expectations of them – we appreciate they’ll want to assess us and have expectations of us too. It’s a two-way street. We judge each potential partner on an individual basis and have lots of conversations before the contract’s signed so we can make sure they’re right for us. And they can make sure we’re right for them too.

Our partner experience team is key during this process and also once a channel partner comes on board. We really get to know and build a relationship with each partner and provide the right support for them. For some partners this might be organising a technical event, for others it might be shooting a case study video for their marketing campaign. Each partner’s needs are different, but the main thing is that we’re in it together and we’re both putting in the effort.

In part two of this interview, find out how we foster excellence in our channel partner network through excellent training and support.

To learn more about becoming a channel partner, or to find the best channel partner for your access control project, please get in touch.

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