As many UK government departments switch to the new GOVPASS access control standard, it creates a valuable opportunity to win new projects. Nedap was involved right from the beginning, so we’re in a great position to support you.


Nedap & the GOVPASS development team

Thanks to our track record of working with central governments across Europe, Nedap was invited to sponsor, trial and certify the first version of GOVPASS. As a result, AEOS became the first GOVPASS-certified access control system. And our card readers were among the first to be certified for use with this new standard.

It means we have the software, hardware and in-depth knowledge available right now to provide whatever you need for each GOVPASS project.

GOVPASS-certified hardware & software – ready to go

Many of the UK government’s 43 departments have already committed to implementing the high-security GOVPASS standard, and it’s expected more will join them.

Any department switching to GOVPASS will have to have GOVPASS compliant readers. And any departments that need to change or upgrade their access control system, will have to have a GOVPASS compliant system. As we’re a certified supplier:

  • All current Nedap card readers can be upgraded to GOVPASS firmware.
  • You can specify Nedap GOVPASS readers to replace non-compliant readers.
  • AEOS system is fully GOVPASS compliant.

Extra GOVPASS security from AEOS

Some government departments may also take the opportunity to replace their entire access control system with one certified for use with GOVPASS, such as AEOS. What makes AEOS a particularly appealing option for the government is that it offers extra security features.

AEOS door controllers store keys and digital certificates in a SAM (secure access module) on the secure side of the door. It effectively makes our readers transparent, as GOVPASS cards are read and decrypted in the SAM rather than the reader. This end-to-end encryption protects against hackers overriding the access control system and has been certified for use with GOVPASS.

Ministry of Defence – London
The Cabinet Office – UK

Early access to project opportunities

Our GOVPASS-certified firmware, other software, and hardware is only available to our Channel Partners. And, as we’re one of the first manufacturers to offer GOVPASS-certified hardware and software, we can help you be among the first to bid, supply or specify for GOVPASS projects.

Want to find out more about GOVPASS?

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Please note – this is in no related to Govpass Australia.

Michael Lee
Michael Lee