Nedap has a long history – it was founded in 1929 in the Netherlands and has been listed on the Euronext stock exchange since 1949. Since 1980, Nedap has been a leader in the design and manufacture of electronic access control systems and, as you’d expect, is ISO 9001 certified.

This timeline charts our progression and the development of our access control products.

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Security for life

Nedap launches Security for life

Nedap launches its new brand tagline, Security for life. The words are new but the future-facing, people-first approach that it communicates is what drove the development of our AEOS access control system.

Security and fire excellence award

Nedap wins twice at Security & Fire Excellence Awards

Nedap secures not one but two awards at the prestigious Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2017 in London. Our AEOS end-to-end access control platform won both Access Product of the Year and Cyber Security Innovation of the Year.

Hall tunnel

1st true end-to-end security concept

Nedap takes a giant leap to further integrate IT security principles into AEOS. By establishing end-to-end security, we protect the entire line of communication – from the card reader to the server.


AEOS Blue hardware line

Nedap introduces this new generation of controllers, building on the success of AEOS – the first software-based platform for access control.


Nedap takes the strain for multinationals with its Global Client Programme

Nedap develops a new way for multinationals to streamline physical access control – without the headache of handling it themselves. The Global Client Programme and is a progressive project rollout system that Nedap manages. A cost-effective, efficient framework for standardising security across buildings, it also gives the flexibility to future-proof access control.


Introducing the Secure Access Module (SAM)

Nedap is one of the first to view security systems as IT systems. We apply the IT principles of strong encryption to our controller and launch SAM modules. They store the card key, encrypted, in the card reader on the outside of the door.


The first controller that combines all security functions in one generic device.

Our new Nedap Security Controller is the first controller to combine access control, video storage, intrusion detection, intercom and PLC-functionality on one device. Separate devices are no longer needed for each function. Which lowers the cost of hardware and installation for customers while providing more functionality and better, easier integration.


Integration of passport readers

Integrating third party passport readers with AEOS enables automated visitor enrolment procedures that are faster and more accurate than ever before. It facilitates both data and image capture.


Introducing AEOS - the first fully web based IP based security system

We launch our brand new IP-based security system with optimal software and hardware modularity.


Phone Link

With Phone Link, we provide a telephone-based communication infrastructure for access control at remote locations. A mixture of Phonelink Accessors and connected Accessors are all controlled by WinXS2000.



Our new access control software is for medium-sized systems running on Windows 95 OS and a Paradox database.


Accessor III

Our Accessor III is a hands-free reader/controller with extended modularity that’s suitable for large systems. It can be combined with the Accessor I and Accessor II in the same multi-drop loop.


PC based access control management

The Megavisor I, our PC-based access control management software package, launches and runs on a DOS operating system. Connected serial to a Multiplexer for max 28 loops of Accessors. Up to 120,000 cards can be used on the system.


Accessor I

Our Accessor I is a hands-free reader/controller with multi-drop communication for use in larger security systems. It’s the first unit to connect 15 slave units to one master and can be programmed by Handprogrammer or Simple terminals APB. It also includes a PIN code.


First access control badge without batteries

The Nedap PocketPass launches. A hands-free identification card, it’s built with standard discrete electronic components. At 8mm thick, PocketPass enables hands-free detection up to 60cm away in combination with a control unit.


Nedap gets exchange-listed

The listing is on the NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam.


Opening of a brand new factory in Groenlo

Nedap’s move to a brand new factory in Groenlo proves to be a great success.


Developing, producing and marketing Nedap branded products

From the forties, Nedap starts developing, producing and selling its own devices for various applications under the Nedap brand.


N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek “Nedap” is established

Initially, Nedap is located in the former medical Dutch Cocaine Factory in Amsterdam and manufactures a wide variety of products.