The facts and figures

About Haus der Digitalisierung

Opened in January 2023 in Tulln, Austria, by ecoplus Digital GmbH, Haus der Digitalisierung serves as a hub for diverse public, commercial, and educational activities. This center was designed with lofty ambitions to be the epitome of a building supported by a network of digital systems, with the AEOS physical access control system at the heart of this digital ecosystem.

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13.500 guests

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IoT App

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Room booking management

The challenge

Balancing sustainability with smart city ambitions

Tulln aims to evolve into a Smart City with a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. In alignment with this goal, ecoplus Digital aims to operate Haus der Digitalisierung as sustainably as possible. The company seeks to employ and test various facility management integrations within the building and requires a physical access control system that can actualize this vision.


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Seamless integration of diverse technologies

At Haus der Digitalisierung, the IoT app is integrated with the AEOS physical access control, and both systems are linked with various other systems within the building. This integration consolidates a range of technologies—and the data they generate—onto a single, user-friendly platform. A virtual dashboard offers transparency and simplifies the management of various systems, including access permissions, alarms, CCTV cameras, room reservations, building management, and more. At a glance, it becomes clear if there are anomalies, where time can be saved, and how security and sustainability can be simultaneously enhanced.

System Integration and Management

Networking and Data – An Unbeatable Combination

Individually, the data from various systems within Haus der Digitalisierung are of limited use. However, the combination of different datasets from multiple systems yields valuable insights, enabling ecoplus Digital to enhance sustainability, security, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The digital solutions of the building provide both data and actionable insights. Ultimately, Haus der Digitalisierung continually leverages the power of digital networking to utilize the valuable data generated.

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"We set high standards for sustainability and digital networking at Haus der Digitalisierung. Finding a like-minded, local partner to bring our vision to life was essential. The integration of AEOS with our systems has not only enhanced security but also provided valuable data insights. We're already capitalizing on this data, which grows more valuable as we identify patterns and detect anomalies."

Lukas Reutterer Ecoplus Digital