AEOS 2022.1

Enhanced integrations and safety with AEOS 2022.1

With AEOS 2022.1 comes a new generation of AEOS locker management. In addition to improvements in targeted integrations for an upgraded user experience, you will benefit from an updated TLS library for more advanced encryption.



Create the most flexible work environment with the new AEOS locker management solution

Building on the powerful combination of access control and locker management, we welcome a completely modernized solution based on the AEOS Blue controller. Behind the scenes, this means more flexibility when installing, and in your authorisation process. For the user experience, there is now a modern touchscreen and smartphone control capabilities, And because the locker locks support OSDP, there is now a possibility for 3rd party OSDP locker locks.

Streamlined license model for operational ease and efficiency

As our world of work continues to evolve, the devices we use (e.g. sensors, wireless locks) now require dedicated server applications. Therefore, we’ve streamlined the AEOS license model so that the integrated door license helps you count and manage these devices within the AEOS license model.


Targeted improvements in integrations for future-proofing

In AEOS 2022.1 you will see the AEOS Blue door controllers being used in many more scenarios following new wireless lock integrations. In addition, our biometric integration with TBS has been improved to reflect a more efficient enrollment process. Previously, biometric enrollment had to take place on site (i.e., at the reception desk), but now it’s possible to use any network-connected device so it can be done from anywhere.


Securing both the physical and cyber worlds

Further powering AEOS secure mode, the TLS library has been updated to strengthen encryptions in communications between all the moving parts inside AEOS. This update enables our team to continue our pursuit to keep AEOS safe and secure with the understanding that cybersecurity is an integral part of physical security.

Watch our release review video to learn more about AEOS 2022.1