AEOS 2022.2

Key configuration and deployment improvements with AEOS 2022.2

This 2022.2 release further strengthens AEOS in many areas: Configuration and deployment, open standards, interface, and cybersecurity.


Developers at work.

Easier configuration and introduction of a new copy function for faster AEmon deployment

Now, more than ever, we all need to work smarter not harder. We’re happy to report that you can now copy AEOS user templates and apply only the required changes so that new user templates can be created in seconds. There have also been significant enhancements to the underlying mechanism of AEmon configuration which means that deployment is now much faster.  This means there’s less work for the installer and more convenience for you.

Cybersecurity improvements in multiple areas

As always, we strive to bring you “Security for life” every day. So as a part of this 2022.2 release, the application engine of AEOS has been updated to the latest version. This means you can benefit from all the latest security patches. Also included in this release, is the addition of TLS encryption to the communication between AEOS and external integrations, and between identifiers and readers.


Improved interfacing options for AEOS lockers

As you may already know, we launched our new future-proof AEOS lockers proposition earlier this year. As promised, we have further improved our offering since then. With this release, you will see extended options available in our webservice API and additional calls to make it easier to create external integrations with AEOS lockers. For example: You can even control AEOS lockers remotely via PSIM solutions or third-party mobile apps.


Updated open standard so that SSCPv2 now supports mobile

Mobile access is now “accessible” in its most secure form via the SSCPv2 protocol. This means that the capabilities of the SSCPv2 protocol on the AEOS Blue controller have been extended. You can now use NFC and BLE based credentials within the SSCPv2 open standard, providing you more options and flexibility.

Watch our release review video to learn more about AEOS 2022.2