AEOS 2023.2

Enhanced functionality and improved user experience

This latest AEOS 2023.2 release further extends the power of AEOS in several areas of day-to-day operations, system security, and flexibility inside the platform.



Introduction of group-based authorisations

This feature is especially important for organisations managing large amounts of carriers. With AEOS 2023.2, you can now assign authorisations to groups of carriers in addition to individual carriers. This makes it possible to more easily assign correct authorisations and also has a positive impact on the performance of AEOS.

More control over controller updates

We understand that every company is different in how it operates. If controller updates can’t be performed during the day, you should have the option to do them at night. Well, now it’s possible to do just that. In AEOS 2023.2, we’ve added a scheduler in AEmon. Now, you can schedule updates to run in the evening without even having to be there!


AEOS Locker Management improvements

This one’s great news for guards and supervisors in organisations with the Locker unit Mifare—no more having to go to the Locker Infopoint to open lockers and help other users. Guards and supervisors can now go present their badges directly at lockers doors to open lockers and help out locker users.


User experience wins every time

It wouldn’t be an AEOS release without extra benefits to the user experience. Whether it’s making your life easier when it comes to carrier photos, blocked cards and carriers, replacement badge validities, or the Invexs170 Screen flow, we’ve got you covered.

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