AEOS, the physical access control system developed by Nedap, has been installed by GEA to protect its headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany. The system went live in November 2021 and will be rolled out to hundreds of GEA sites globally.


A user-friendly open platform

One of the world’s largest suppliers of systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, GEA was looking for an open platform to replace its existing access control system – a system that no longer met GEA’s security or auditing requirements. GEA wanted the replacement to be easy to use and able to scale gradually, while offering rich options to integrate with other systems and technologies. AEOS fit the bill.


Standardised but easy to adapt

Andreas Löhr, Corporate Physical Security Expert at GEA says: “AEOS meets all of our requirements and is enabling us to implement high-security standards, in a wide variety of environments, in a very user-friendly way. It will also support us in establishing a central, standardised global system that we can easily roll out and adapt to our IT environment, and each location, wherever needed. We’re really pleased with the relationship we’ve built with Nedap’s channel partner nTp who have implemented and configured our AEOS system and will continue to maintain it for us. It’s important for us to work with a partner we trust that has proven experience in executing such a project.”


Flexible and open to integrations

Frank Hironimus, manager at nTp adds: “AEOS’s flexibility is a huge advantage for big global corporations like GEA. It enables a smooth rollout internationally and can accommodate local adaptations while maintaining overall standardisation. And the fact AEOS integrates so easily means GEA can continue using existing systems and technologies and adopt new ones in the future. We’re really pleased to be working with them as they grow their AEOS environment.

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